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JRC Team

We are the result of effort and passion for what we do. The JRC team is ready to provide the best experience and support.

Jason Rojas Founder & CEO
Carlos Sanabria Operations Manager
Marvin Montero Certified Public Accountant
Tania Araya Administrative Assistant
Carlos Retana Accounting Assistant
Wendy Bonilla Accounting Assistant
Josh Granados Accounting Assistant
Tamara Seas Accounting Assistant
Jairo Bogantes Accounting Assistant
Juan Campos Operational Supervisor
Axel Sancho Accounting Assistant
Victoria Jimenez Accounting Assistant
Yubelka Novoa Operations Staff
Fernando Rivera Maintenance Staff
Monserrath Salazar Operations Director
Sebastián Guevara Corporate Law Specialist Attorney
Joselyn Álvarez General Supervisor
Marco Zuñiga Accounting Assistant
Alina Rivera Accounting Assistant

JRC is characterized by its values



Achieving goals in the shortest possible time.


Customer Service

We are known for impeccable customer service. Our clients are the reason we exist.



We guarantee absolute quality in the results of our work.



Our clients will know the state and progress of their company monthly.

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